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Money House!About Us

Property is the world’s oldest and most trusted way to hold and grow wealth. Affluent individuals in ancient societies like Egypt and China put their riches into land and buildings thousands of years before money was invented or the first stocks and bonds traded. Today, property and land is still the world’s most secure and respected investment. In fact, the top 20% of the world’s richest people have made their money from property investments. Companies come and go. Commodity values fluctuate. Metal prices rise and fall. But, there is always a need for land and housing.

Worldwide Investments was created in 2003 to offer professional property investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio. Predicting a slow-down in the UK property market we have developed links across the world sourcing opportunities for our clients. We select property investment opportunities in emerging property markets. Our criteria is the properties have high capital appreciation or rental yield potential.

The process of buying property abroad differs from country to country, so being privy to local knowledge and facilities is essential.